People profiler

People profiler

2009 - 2011

A system for combining existing data held about people in the University of Bristol and the teams and projects they work on with new profile data that they can add.

A standard means for listing information related to people and organisations in the University.

A tool for blending the interface to this data into the CMS, portal or any other websites.

The profiler is the largest application (so far) in the DBMS framework for creating applications that select, merge and extend centrally held Oracle data and deliver it via the web. Others include the portal student reps and COBS portlets.

People profiler
  • framework:
    • Django
    • JQuery
  • language:
    • Python
    • Javascript
  • database:
    • Oracle
  • markup:
    • HTML
    • CSS
  • config:
    • Fabric
    • Jenkins
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