Course Online Booking System

Course Online Booking System

2000 - now

A course scheduling and booking system for the University of Bristol. The system integrates with central data regarding staff, students and organisations.

The system uses single sign on and from student and employee records systems, populates user data to cater for complex authorisation checks. These determine which courses the user may edit, or is eligible to book on.

Courses are broken down into classes and sessions, with a notification system, booking windows etc.

The system was developed in zope, however it is largely database driven and the complexity of database interaction meant ZSQL was inadequate, and so I developed a zope Product - sqlizer to act as a proto-ORM for autogenerating SQL.

More recently a portlet has been developed for the University's UPortal, using django and its ORM to autogenerate models from Oracle database views. These models in turn generate XML that drives the portlet, by subclassing the standard django XML serializer to add nesting functionality.

Course Online Booking System
  • CMS:
    • uPortal
  • framework:
    • Django
    • Zope
  • language:
    • Python
  • database:
    • Oracle
    • ZODB
  • markup:
    • HTML
    • XML
  • config:
    • Fabric
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