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  1. Any Code you like as long as its Black - DBBUG talk at Runway East 2019
  2. Using Django for (stop gap) network automation management - DBBUG talk at Which? 2017
  3. Mocking for unit testing cloud automation - DBBUG talk at Oracle 2016
  4. Flask RESTful - DBBUG talk 2016
  5. ORM - suicide is painless - University Talk 2015
  6. E-ink experiments & Dovewriter - University Talk 2015
  7. Moving to Python 3 for your Django Apps - DBBUG 2015
  8. WSGI performance testing - DBBUG 2014
  9. Building open source with Django IT MegaMeet / Django Cardiff User Group 2013
  10. Creating federated authorisation for a Django survey application - EuroPython2012 Firenze (video).
  11. Using App Engine and Google Apps as a CMS - reworking of talk 4. below for GEUG12 day.
  12. Continuous Integration - principles of its use and practicalities of using it (video) 2011
  13. How Django can help integrate the Enterprise 2011
  14. talk about using Django as a tool to build applications that integrate a complex range of applications and services.
  15. Google data APIs / App Engine integration  2011
    How to create a site (this one) on Google App Engine that uses Google Sites for its CMS and integrates with Google Docs, Blogger, Picasa etc.
  16. People profiler 2010
    Application for delivering staff directory, research site profiles and general site sections related to people, projects and organisations at the University of Bristol
  17. Cloud collaboration tools 2010
    Comparison of cloud collaboration tools  
  18. Fabric and deployment tools 2009
    Outline of what a shell framework is and how it aids release management  
  19. Full text indexing 2009
    Implementing full text indexing in Oracle and Postgres  
  20. Egging django on 2009
    Why its good to break a monolithic django application down into eggs and how to do it 
  21. Google App Engine 2009
    The story of a practical GAE use case, placeUvote, a mobile - Android - app backend 

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