I am a software developer at EDB, the Postgres company, working remotely in Bristol, UK. I work on EDB's Cloud  Marketplace product, Postgres AI.  Which  can  be run across any (or all) of  Azure, AWS  and GCP.
Previously I was an SRE for ForgeRock's cloud identity management platform.  Now part of Ping Identity. Before that I worked on Telemetry services for Oracle's public cloud and in Oracle's Cloud SRE team on node software tools and as part of the network automation team.

Before becoming a cloud engineer in the commercial sector, I worked as a full stack web developer in the R&D unit of IT Services at the University of Bristol in the UK.

My experience covers infrastructure as code cloud development and SRE along with development in a wide range of web platforms, languages and backend systems, I have a broad knowledge of cloud and web technologies suited to consultancy, architecture design and web integration solutions.

I have worked on enterprise scaling open source solutions such as the University web content management system and in the process have contributed components to a number of open source projects.

My goals are to continue to work on large scale automation and web systems, and provide well packaged, documented, and hopefully well used, test driven software to the wider community.


Cloud automation and service providers, web frameworks, finance systems and CMS.

Docker, Kubernetes and virtualisation. Microservices development.

Go, Python, Java, Ruby, Javascript and other languages. 

NoSQL, Postgres, Oracle, other databases and RDF. 

Unix and open source. 

Web and database scaling and performance.

Data integration and testing