network monitoring


  • Python

  • Javascript


  • Flask + RESTPlus

  • Celery

  • Bootstrap


  • Kafka

  • Grafana

  • Prometheus

  • PagerDuty

  • Jira


The Argus network monitoring system provides immediate searchable graphical output for thousands of the Oracle Cloud's network devices. At its core the system uses SNMP polling to gather data from the network. But has various add ons to cater for syslogs, netconf polling and aggregation and corelation of generic telemetry and logging data from any services.

The key feature aside from detailed analysis of the current network state, is immediate alerting to reduce MTTR. The alerts can allow sophisticated aggregation to help to pare them down to only relevant high priority alerts to avoid swamping. For pushing to PagerDuty, Jira or email for SRE engineers.