equality challenge unit

2008 - 2014

live system

ECU is a Plone based CMS which delivers the same content via a number of different routes to cater for a range of target audiences.

My role was to design and build the architecture and deployment along with some of the end level development.

As a part of this project I needed to develop a standard component for Plone delivering separate edit and public interfaces. The collective.editskinswitcher egg covered some of the functionality required so I volunteered to add a test suite and in return got to add the necessary changes.

At a later stage it was determined that the site also required a more formalized workflow process than was available out of the box with Plone. I developed this formal workflow and since it was a generic set of functionality, also released this.

In addition both releases were part of a strategy to increase open source contributions and by doing so get the benefits of a wider user and test base. Along with reducing branching of our version of the platform

  • CMS:

    • Plone

  • framework:

    • Zope

  • language:

    • Python

  • database:

    • ZODB

  • markup:

    • HTML

  • config:

    • Buildout