University of Bristol CMS

  • CMS:
    • Plone
  • framework:
    • Zope
  • language:
    • Python
    • Javascript
  • database:
    • Oracle
    • ZODB
  • markup:
    • HTML
    • XML
    • CSS
  • config:
    • Fabric
    • Python

2005 - 2014

live system

The University's public web presence was delivered by a CMS developed from Plone 2 and extended and customized. The system had over 300 websites and 600 editors.

I worked in a team of two developers and a sysadmin, to produce the system, my particular specialisms being integration with existing University systems. My areas included scaling / rewriting the authentication, authorization and intranet capabilities. Adding database application tools, etc.

The system was migrated to an outsourced solution in 2014 but since that didn't cater for the intranet functionality which I had added to this CMS - the intranet sites lived on for some years.